Saturday, November 14, 2020

Hollywood Studios Part 2

 Hollywood and Vine is a partial buffet restaurant and has a character meal for breakfast, and occasionally has a second character meal during dinner for seasonal events. The breakfast has the usual Disney breakfast items, and the lunch and dinner are served as plated meals. The entrees include prime rib and carved herb-roasted turkey. The 50's Prime Time Cafe is a heavily themed restaurant in Hollywood Studios. This restaurant is themed to a 1950's kitchen. The restaurant's staff refer to you as family members and will jokingly chastise you for having your elbows on the table or for not eating all of your vegetables. The Hollywood Brown Derby is a higher-end restaurant in Hollywood Studios. This restaurant also often hosts "Dine with an Imagineer" which is an event where guests can sit down for a meal with a Disney cast member and talk with them about their job. These foods include cobb salad, ahi tuna, and ginger-lemongrass pho. Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano has a few good gluten-free options. These include carne d'italia flatbread and oak-fired mussels. The Sci-Fi Dine-In has some decent gluten-free options; however, the food is not the restaurant's main draw. This restaurant has a theme of a drive-in movie theater and shows clips of sci-fi movies and commercials. The Sci-Fi Dine-In has salad, milkshakes, burgers, and steaks. In the restaurant, people are seated side by side in two-person booths. These booths are all facing the screen at the front of the theater. The booths are grouped in sections of three, and the sides are all connected to form one of the cars of the theater. In Galaxy's Edge, the new Star Wars themed area of Hollywood Studios, there are also many gluten-free options. Ronto Roasters is a quick-service restaurant in Galaxy's Edge. Ronto wraps are pork sausage with roasted pork and slaw topped with peppercorn sauce. There is also a breakfast version with eggs and shredded cheddar replacing the roasted pork and slaw. One final option is the rising moons overnight oats, which include oats, yogurt, fruit. The Milk Stand has two gluten-free options, blue milk and green milk. These two types of "milk" are not made with actual milk and are made with coconut and rice milk. The blue milk is more fruit-flavored, and the green milk is more citrus flavored.  Docking Bay 7 has many gluten-free options, including a chicken salad and a shrimp and rice noodle salad. All of the food in Galaxy's Edge is very heavily themed to Star Wars, and dishes often have themed names, including "Roasted Endorian Chicken Salad" and "Surabat Shrimp and Noodle Salad" the ronto wraps are said to be made from the meat of an animal from the Star Wars universe.  

Hollywood Studios Part 1

Hollywood Studios is not a Disney Park that is known for its food options. There are many quick-service restaurants in the park, but many do not have foods that stand out from each other. The ABC Commissary is a quick-service restaurant in Hollywood studios with burgers, sandwiches, salads, and barbeque. For dessert, there are prepackaged gluten-free brownies and gluten-free cookies. There's nothing remarkable in ABC Commissary, and there are better options for lunch in Hollywood Studios. The one benefit of ABC Commissary is that the restaurant has air conditioning and that it is located in the middle of Hollywood Studios. This means that it is a relatively short walk to other activities in the park, including rides and shows. Backlot Express has similar food options to The ABC Commissary. The main difference is there are more salads available in Backlot Express, and they are in different locations. Catalina Eddie's, Fairfax Fare, and Rosie's All American Cafe are all part of a group of quick-service restaurants called the Sunset Ranch Market. Together these restaurants have a decent gluten-free selection. Catalina Eddie's has a few gluten-free options. The main two choices at this restaurant are caesar salad and gluten-free cheese pizza. Fairfax Fare has a few gluten-free options. These options include a seven-layer rice bowl and a signature salad. The seven-layer rice bowl has rice, black beans, meat, corn, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. It is also possible to get a side of guacamole with the dish for one dollar. Rosie's All American Cafe has gluten-free burger buns and gluten-free chicken nuggets. Pizzerizzo is another quick-service restaurant in Hollywood Studios. It has gluten-free pizzas and antipasti salad. The pizza options are cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, and vegetable pizza. Woody's Lunch Box is a quick-service meal located in Toy Story Land. It has smores sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, a monte cristo, and a grilled cheese sandwich. This quick service area also has breakfast bowls, which are tater tots with scrambled eggs, gravy, and green onions. The breakfast bowl can be made gluten-free by getting them without gravy. This is one of the more unique quick-service restaurants in Hollywood Studios and is very heavily themed to the surrounding area. This restaurant is shaped like a child's lunch box and includes characters from the Toy Story Movies. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Animal Kingdom


Animal Kingdom has several good gluten-free options and many options that are not available at more standard restaurants in the rest of Disney World. Tiffins Restaurant is a table service restaurant in the Discovery Island area of Animal Kingdom. The gluten-free options here include grilled octopus, apple walnut salad, wagyu steak and brisket, grilled swordfish, and pan-seared duck breast. There are also two gluten-free desserts, passionfruit tapioca cream with citrus fruits and sorbet with lime syrup and passionfruit curd. Nomad Lounge is a bar and lounge that is family-friendly. The lounge does not require reservations and has many gluten-free options. The lounge has small plates and drinks, but the food includes rice bowls with kimchi, ginger-scallion oil, and different protein options. There are also smocked ribs with soy-glaze and apple-jicama slaw. Less adventurous eaters may prefer going to Flame Tree Barbeque, which is also located in Discovery Island. This restaurant has typical barbeque options, including ribs, pulled pork, and chicken. There is also a watermelon salad for a lighter meal option. Tusker House in the Africa section of the park is a buffet restaurant and has breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast options include typical breakfast foods like bacon and scrambled eggs, but there are also options such as curry chicken and rotisserie ham. Lunch and Dinner options include plantains, roasted chicken, green beans, coconut shrimp curry, and curry chicken. Tusker House has jungle juice, a blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava juice available in a handful of Disney restaurants. Tusker House has character meals for all three meals. Characters at Tusker House include Mickey, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald. The characters are all in safari themed costumes that are only seen in this restaurant.  Yak and Yeti restaurant is located in the Asia section of the park. The options here include lettuce cups and salad for appetizers. The entree options include sweet and sour chicken, Atlantic salmon, vegetable stir-fry, and ribeye steak. There are also gluten-free cookies and mango sorbet. Satu'li Canteen is a build your own bowl restaurant in the Pandora section of the park. This restaurant is extremely good with food allergies and is set up similar to a Chipotle. The food options include grilled beef, tofu, chicken, and shrimp. The base options include rice and black beans, potato hash, and salad, and the sauce options include black bean vinaigrette, creamy herb dressing, and charred green onion vinaigrette. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Disney Springs

There are many gluten-free options at restaurants in Disney Springs. These restaurants include D-Luxe Burgers, Polite Pig, The Boathouse, Morimoto Asia, Raglan Road, Blaze Pizza, and Erin Mckenna's Bakery NYC. The options at D-Luxe Burgers include fries and burgers, and to make the burgers gluten-free, you can either have the usual gluten-free bun or a lettuce wrap. The Polite Pig has many gluten-free options, including salads, chicken, wild salmon, ribs, and pork shoulder. The Boathouse has no official gluten-free menu and contains a large amount of seafood. The options include fish tacos, filet mignon sliders without the bun, swordfish steak, and a gluten-free mousse. Morimoto Asia has many gluten-free options, including sushi, small plates, entrees, noodles, and rice dishes. The small plates that are gluten-free include edamame, chicken wings, and shishito peppers. The gluten-free entrees include Florida snapper, wagyu beef, chicken, and filet mignon. The noodle and rice dishes include garlic miso ramen and Morimoto chicken fried rice. Dessert options include a watermelon, yuzu, and strawberry sorbet trio. Raglan Road has a brunch menu on the weekend that features an Irish dance show from noon until three. The gluten-free options for brunch include fish and chips, pork hash tagged, which is potato hash with pork belly, scallions, and topped with fried eggs. For dessert, there is a flourless chocolate cake with fresh berries and whipped cream. The dinner options include shepherd's pie, fried shrimp, pea risotto with pecorino and chicken, and the dessert options are the same as those for brunch. Blaze Pizza is a build your own style pizza shop. There three gluten-free crust options, four sauce, seven cheese options, and twenty-seven topping options. Blaze also has eight salads that are available as an entree or side. Lastly, there is Erin Mckenna's Bakery NYC. This bakery is completely gluten-free and vegan. The bakery takes special requests. They make a variety of gluten-free desserts, including cookie sandwiches, cupcakes, and muffins. Erin McKenna's Bakery is an excellent place to get gluten-free breakfast items to keep in a resort room to have breakfast before the parks open or take with you while going to a park. They also take special requests, which can helpful to keep in mind if you or a loved one have a birthday while at Disney. Many of these restaurants are also available in other areas around the country, including Blaze Pizza and Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Epcot Future World

Future World is often the first area guests visit when coming to Epcot. Future World has several restaurants with gluten-free options, including Garden Grill, Sunshine Seasons, and Coral Reef. This seems sparse; however, there are not many restaurants located in this area of the park. Most of Epcot's restaurants are located in the World Showcase. Garden Grill is a sit-down restaurant with character meals in The Land. This restaurant has character meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All meals are served family-style, and refills of food are included in the price. Breakfast includes gluten-free muffins and waffles and sausage, bacon, potato barrels, and fruit. The gluten-free lunch and dinner include gluten-free rolls and salad for appetizers. The entrees and sides include grilled beef, turkey breast rice pilaf, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. The characters at this restaurant include Chip, Dale, Mickey, and Pluto. The characters are in costumes that are exclusive to this restaurant. This restaurant and many others in Disney get some of their food from greenhouses in the ride Living with the Land and similar greenhouses on Disney property. Sunshine Seasons in the Land pavilion is a counter service restaurant that has a large number of options. This restaurant has salmon, pork chops, and salads. The restaurant also has many gluten-free options for desserts. These include fruits, cookies, pudding, and rice milk chocolate bars. The vegetables from Sunshine Seasons include steamed broccoli, glazed carrots, and black bean soup. The Coral Reef restaurant in the Seas pavilion has several good gluten-free seafood options. There are several gluten-free options for appetizers, these include salads and a shrimp cocktail. The entree options from Coral Reef include herb chicken, grilled rib-eye, and seared mahi mahi. The desert options from Coral Reef include creme brulee and flourless cake. There is one sit down restaurant that is coming soon to Future World, Space 220. Space 220 will be themed to a space station, and guests will have daytime and nighttime views of Earth from 220 miles above the surface. Space 220 will have American cuisine and over 1,000 different wine options. For what Future World lacks in restaurants, it makes up for in attractions. Some attractions in Future World include Spaceship Earth, Test Track, and Soarin' Around the World. Spaceship Earth is located inside the ball that is at the entrance of Epcot. It takes riders on a journey through time to see inventions that changed history. Test Track is a rollercoaster where riders test a concept car. Sorin' Around the World is a simulated hang-gliding flight to different areas of the world, including France, China, Australia, and Greenland. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

World Showcase part 2

In the China pavilion, there are several gluten-free options. The pavilion has two restaurants, Nine Dragons Restaurant and Lotus Blossom Cafe. Lotus Blossom Cafe is a counter service restaurant that serves many of the same dishes that Chinese restaurants have across the United States. Nine Dragons Restaurant is a sit-down restaurant and has gluten-free options that include canton pepper beef, kung pao chicken, or vegetable and tofu stir fry. The Biergarten in the Germany pavilion has many gluten-free options in a buffet for lunch and dinner. These include sausage, roast chicken, vegetables, rice, and mashed potatoes. Biergarten also has a Polka band that plays during both lunch and dinner. Sommerfest is a quick-service restaurant that has gluten-free rolls for bratwurst and frankfurters. There are also gluten-free snacks available at Werthers Karamelle-Kuche. All of these snacks are sweet and made with Werther's caramel. They include fresh caramel corn,  caramel-dipped apples and strawberries, and fresh chocolate covered caramel.  While in line to buy a dessert, customers can see the cast members making caramel corn and other deserts. In the Italian pavilion, there are several restaurants with gluten-free options. The first of these is a sit-down pizza restaurant called Via Napoli, the gluten-free options here consist of pasta dishes, gluten-free bread and Caprese, or shrimp and cannellini bean salad.  Another gluten-free sit-down dining option in the Italian pavilion is Tutto Gusto, a wine cellar type restaurant. There are several gluten-free small plates, including risotto and Caprese salad. Tutto Gusto also has panna cotta for a fresh gluten-free dessert. Tutto Gusto has over 200 wines available for guests to sample.  Tutto Italiana is a sit-down restaurant that has several salmon dishes and some risotto dishes. This restaurant also has a panna cotta. The France pavilion has two restaurants with gluten-free menus, Chefs de France, and Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. Chefs de France is a sit-down restaurant with several gluten-free meal options, the entrees include beef short ribs and salmon. There are two different gluten-free options for dessert at Chefs de France, creme brulee and chocolate mousse.  Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie has options that include creme brulee, parfait, and chocolate mousse. There are not many gluten-free meals in the UK pavilion, the Rose and Crown, the UK pavilion's sit down restaurant,  has only chicken and sirloin steak and gluten-free cake for dessert. The Canada pavilion has Le Cellier, a more expensive sit-down restaurant compared to many on the last. This restaurant has steak, prime rib, chicken, salmon, and mussels. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

World Showcase part 1

The World Showcase in Epcot has many gluten-free options. This area of Epcot has pavilions from 11 different countries; however, I will only be covering 5 in this blog post, Mexico, Norway, Japan, America, and Morocco. The others will be in a follow-up post. The Mexican pavilion has several restaurants that have gluten-free options. These include San Angel Inn Restaurante, which is a table service restaurant in the Mexican Pavilion has many gluten-free options. These include salad, chicken enchiladas, grilled chicken, and carne asada. The desert option is dulce de leche. La Cantina de San Angel is an outside counter-service restaurant that has nachos, chicken and beef tacos, and guacamole. La Hacienda de San Angel, an outdoor table-service restaurant. Gluten-free options here include vegetable enchiladas, carne asada, braised short rib, and salads. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavillion also has many gluten-free options. This restaurant is best for getting into the park early and has a princess character meal during breakfast. The food options at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall are somewhat different than the typical Disney breakfast and include traditional Norwegian foods. This is also ideal because it is extremely close to Frozen Ever After, which is an extremely popular ride that often has no Fastpasses available. Kringla Bakeri og Kafe, also located in the Norway pavilion, has a few gluten-free desserts, including rice cream and gluten-free chocolate cake with banana mousse. Another excellent area to eat in World Showcase is Tokyo Dining in the Japan Pavilion. This restaurant has gluten-free sushi and gluten-free soy sauce, which is uncommon. Teppan Edo is a sit-down hibachi restaurant.  The meals have salads, vegetables, steamed rice, and protein, including salmon, steak, filet mignon, and chicken. The American Adventure has several restaurants, including the Regal Eagle Smokehouse. This restaurant has typical barbeque foods. These include ribs, beef brisket, chicken, and salads. The Regal Eagle Smokehouse also has a plant-based jackfruit burger. Fife and Drum Tavern is a quick service that has jumbo turkey legs and popcorn. Lastly, another right area to get gluten-free food in the World Showcase is in the Morocco Pavillion. This pavilion has two restaurants with good gluten-free options, Restaurant Marakesh and Tangerine Cafe. Restaurant Marakesh is a sit-down restaurant that has live music and belly dancing. The gluten-free options include chicken and beef kabobs and chicken, shrimp, or grouper tagine. Dessert options include Marrakesh delight, fruit salad, mint ice cream, and toasted almond and orange blossom water. Tangerine Cafe is a counter service restaurant that has chicken and lamb shawarma and hummus and tabouleh. 

Hollywood Studios Part 2

 Hollywood and Vine is a partial buffet restaurant and has a character meal for breakfast, and occasionally has a second character meal duri...